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Traveling across the Country is very expensive and a lot of wear and tear please see the list of damaged items from antifa while in DC, Items that need to be replaced now, and continual operating costs.  We plan on touring the Country while President Trump is on his Tax tour and need you help to attend these events;



Items that were damaged and need to be replaced:

  • 2 tires & rims for trump unity bridge- $450

  • Video system for security day or night. also to record footage for future documentary- $850


  • Set of  4 tires  265 70 R16 for 2004 Yukon needed NOW- $1100

  • Air shocks 4 front & rear heavy duty for towing vehicle- $1650

  • 4 speaker repaid kits all weather. $550 

  • Promotional postcards with info on updated tour-$500.  Logo sponsorships are available

  • Update signs $800


Continuous expenses while on Tour:

  • Fuel cost $150-$400/day

  • Security $varying

  • Hotel/Travel cost $100-200/night depending on area touring



Thinking ahead:

 Approx. $15-25k Used Box type Ambulance  Has diesel engine for towing storage compartments for tools equipment  can seat 8 for events can sleep 2 for long drive naps has surround exterior lights for night events has wall space for patriotic signage  space for camera system electric power system, cooled for cold beverages flashers for parades etc. etc. etc.


You can send us mail at 

37500 Pembroke


Livonia, Mi 48153-1703

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